Our Writers

Catherine Dant –Market Updates

I am Catherine Dant I have completed my bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and a master’s degree in Business. I love to write about stock market. I had five years of writing experience which include articles, web content, and blogs. I always love to play with work, in both my career and education.  I also had teaching experience of 5 years at the renowned university to teach business and technical writing and currently working as an instructor and training writer and designer. I am incredibly social, and I love to travel and explore the world.


David Schmidt–Business Stories

My Name is David Schmidt, and I am 32 years old who is an industrialist other than a writer. I want to catch the attention of my audience and publishers without sounds too dry and dull. I am that sort of person who adores his spare time by writing my thoughts and ideas for my audience or readers. My writing skills are not confined to any specific field, I wrote on many topics, but Business and Stock Market articles are always my favorite. I love to express myself by creative modes such as drawing, singing, and writing. I love to spend my leisure time with my beloved cat, sleep or by playing my favorite video games.


Nicole Taylor–  Technology and Finance

I am Nicole Taylor with more than 8 years of experience in the Stock market industry, I am energetic about Technology and Business news, started my career as an author then, later climbing my way up towards success into senior positions. I can consider myself as the backbone behind the success and growth of thebusinessstories.com with a dream to expand the reach out of the industry on a global scale. I am also a contributor and an editor of the Technology and Finance category. I experienced a critical analysis of companies and extracted the most noteworthy information for our vibrant investor network.